Conferences / Meetings

Advanced Technology that Captivates

  • LCD Projectors that provide substantially brighter images.
  • Lighting that minimizes heat and provides energy cost savings.
  • Screens with Black Masking Borders that enhance perceived brightness of an image.

These are but a few examples of how audio visual technology has increasingly improved the show quality of meetings, conferences, and conventions. By providing you with the most current technology, it is our way of showing you how much we value being your partner.  For example, on shows which have 6’ tripod screens or 8’ tripod screens, you will never receive a projector less than 3000 lumens.  If you have 10’ cradle screens, 12’ cradle screens, 6’ x 8’ fast-fold screens, or 7.5’ X 10’ fast-fold screens in your rooms, you will never receive any projectors with less than 5000 lumens.  For screens that are 9’ x 12’, 10.5 x 14’, 12’ x 16’, 15’ x 20’, and all widescreen applications, a 10,000 lumen projector is the minimum.  This is our guarantee that  you will get the most out of your NTSC, PAL, Wide Format, HDTV Video, Letterbox video, PowerPoint, or Super XGA applications.

We will also provide you with the latest in computers, wired microphones, wireless
microphones, conference microphone systems, and all of your meeting and
conference needs.  Our commitment of getting you the most out of your audio visual technology while striving to find all cost savings measures for you is a part of our service culture.  Innovative Presentations consistently delivers creative ideas, expertise, and the essential technology solutions when providing the best value justification for your event.